Local Development

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GloGem helps you capitalise on business opportunities that depend on software development. Our timely and quality work will give your organisation the ability to respond to the demands of an ever-changing business.

We understand that every bank will have the requirement of being able to adapt to Globus T24 for their local requirements. Below are just a few advantages of our offerings:

  • GloGem can provide a swifter delivery of added functionality as opposed to the Globus T24 release which can take up to 12 months to receive.
  • By pooling in a group of Globus T24 resources each employee of GloGem can tap into a vast common Globus T24 knowledge base.
  • All work undertaken by GloGem will be delivered at the highest quality.
  • GloGem will be responsible for all support issues of its development work.
  • All training and user documentation will be a part of the development.
  • GloGem development gives the bank flexibility in using Globus T24 experienced resources matched to the level of the bank’s development demands.
  • GloGem will provide market research on middle-ware solutions that can be used with Globus T24.